According to NAB in their report Moments That Matter Small to medium businesses now contribute 57% of Australia’s GDP, are a fertile ground for innovation and growth and are optimistically planning their growth and digital strategies.

However, many business owners reflect that that they often feel that they do not have the support that they need or have the necessary knowledge or time to build up in areas that they are not familiar with to make the most of opportunities when they are presented.

At Learning Partnerships we have a number of different ways in which we support small business owners and managers.


Business and Management Qualifications

Develop your leadership and business skills with one of our Management qualifications or business qualifications. We offer pathways from Certificate IV through to a Duel Diploma of Leadership and Management and Business.  For your small business, the best investment you can make in your business is in yourself.

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certificate4BSB42518 Certificate IV in Small Business Management

Obtain a Certificate IV in Small Business Management and develop essential skills to lead a micro to medium business as either an owner or a manager. Government Incentives also apply if you do not have a Certificate IV or higher. more information

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Traineeships and Government Incentives

Help develop your staff or hire staff by making use of government incentives for trainees or government funded training.  More Information. 

Contact us to make an appointment to see how we can help you in this area.

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Business and Personal Coaching

Through our Business and Personal coaching services we help leaders and business owners develop their capacity to use their power and influence positively for better results. more information

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Team development

A positive and productive team is essential for your staff engagement, retention, productivity profitability.  We provide a range of custom short courses, team development programs and talent tools to ensure that your team are armed with the skills and knowledge to support you and our business.