Making an investment in your personal development is an important decision. Please take the time to go through the Qualifications Pages to inform yourself on the content , level and duration of your course to ensure that it is suitable.

If you are not sure, we have motivated course advisors and trainers available to help you decide on which qualification will lead to your ideal job. Call our team on 07 4728 15552.

Learning Partnerships has flexible payment options available for our students to access. Please review the payment options and inform yourself of our refund and cancelation policies. Complete the enrolment form and we will be in touch to finalise your enrolment.

Short Courses and Masterclasses

You will find scheduled classes on our Calendar or Facebook however these change from time to time according to demand.

If there is something that you are particularly interested in please  Call our team on 07 4728 15552 or email enquiries@learningpartnerships.com.au.

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Team Development

We can customise a training program or facilitated session to suit your individual workplace requirements and delivery needs. our Team Development.

Call our team on 07 4728 15552 or email enquiries@learningpartnerships.com.au.

Refunds and Cancelations.

Please refer to our policies on refunds, cancelations and extensions in our Learner Handbook. If you have any questions or would like further clarification, please contact our Student Administration on 47 281 555

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