Whatever your industry, Learning Partnerships Leadership and Management Diploma Qualifications will provide you with the ability to accelerate your career in business and management.


Excited co-workers


dipBSB50215 Diploma of Business

Obtain a Diploma in Business and develop your knowledge and skills in core business functions  from Planning, Project Management, Risk Management, Finance Communications, Marketing and Human Resources.. more information

Satisfied businessman

 dipBSB51915 Diploma of Leadership & Management

Obtain a Diploma in Leadership and Management to develop and cement your management capabilities to manage organisations, divisions and teams.  more information


dipBSB51415 Diploma of Project Management

Obtain a Diploma in Project Management to develop skills in running successful projects and project teams. more information.


dipBSB52315 Diploma of Governance

Obtain a Diploma in Governance to enhance your skills in corporate governance and participating effectively in the boardroom or leadership in Not for Profits, Business, Sporting Groups and in the Public Sector. More Information