Our Business Thrive Program provides a comprehensive training and development program for businesses that encourages continuous improvement in a fun and engaging environment.

Engaged employees who share your business values and that are competent, capable of autonomy and have positive relationships are are integral to success, employee retention and morale.

We believe that on-going professional development is an important ingredient in the advancement of engaged and motivated employees and a positive and dynamic workplace culture. Often though training investments are wasted. They deliver short bursts of enthusiasm and then it is back to business as usual.



Throughout the year your team checks in and works collaboratively around building a shared purpose and understanding around the triple impact areas of Self, Team and Customer. They work together on your business and on your team rather than theoretical principles.

We start with a detailed comprehensive (complementary) needs analysis. From here we work collaboratively to build a program that is going to add significant value both to the business and employee engagement and satisfaction.

Employee Engagement Assessments

The ability to recognise, understand, use and manage our own emotions and those of the people around us is a vital skill in the workplace. Along with our intelligence, social skills, personality and professional training emotional intelligence is a critical skill for leaders in making good decisions and supporting teams to thrive.

Employee Engagement Assessments provide a baseline understanding of the engagement and emotional intelligence of the individual and the team as a collective. It provides valuable information to assist understand current strengths and areas for improvement, provide a strategy for development and coaching to initiate the recommended actions.

business / managers you will obtain will get a consolidated report and coaching session. and individual reports on engagement and areas of improvement and for each member receive:

  • MSCEIT psychometric test
  • One on one coaching session
  • One on one coaching session to embed strategies
Thrive Team Meetings

Monthly, Fortnightly or weekly one hour collaborative workshops focussing on improving engagement and personal effectiveness, team effectiveness and collaboration. Individual workshops focus on triple impact of self, team and customer on themes and if selected outcomes of employee engagement Selections. The objective is to high value returns the business , the team and the individuals.

We customise these workshops to align with your values and service standards. Further, content and sessions would be developed on an iterative approach based upon feedback and information raised during workshop sessions. Examples of sessions include

  • The Power of Purpose – why we do what we do and why should anyone care.
  • Personality type at play and how they influence perception and interaction
  • Perfecting your elevator pitch and personal brand
  • Respecting and understanding differences
  • Why what we do and say matters
  • Personal performance evaluation and planning
  • Unconscious Bias – What are the attitudes and biases beyond our regular perceptions that underlie a great deal of our patterns of behaviour
  • The Fish Philosophy – How do happy, alert and active individuals improve a business’s culture?
  • Unwritten Ground Rules – uncovering and understanding the UGR that influence culture
  • The secret of creating raving fans
  • The art and science of giving and receiving feedback
  • Effective Problem Solving and Decision Making
  • Managing Difficult Interactions and turning Conflict into opportunity
  • Constructive Conversations and effective communication
  • Becoming a productivity Ninja
  • Individual Effectiveness through Emotional Intelligence
  • Brain Based Decision Making and Problem Solving
  • Networking for Socially Reserved People
  • Building Resilience
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