At Learning Partnerships our coaches and mentors take people through a process to vary their mindset and learn to deal with the blocks they face in their professional lives.

We believe that everyone has an  innate drive to thrive yet the environments in which we work and play can offer challenges that dilute our energy and divert us from prospering and achieving our goals.

Coaching is about building performance; elite performers in most walks of life have coaches.

Performance is about a state of mind as well as skills and knowledge. High performing managers know how to change their behaviours and attitudes, to be authentic and responsible. They are self aware and aware of other people’s motivations and they understand how to engage people effectively.

We aim to help leaders and managers develop their capacity to use their power and influence positively for better results.  How does a coach do this? We engage you in a conversation, or series of conversations, the aim of which is to produce options and actions for learning and progressing to build a better future.

Your coach will listen to you with a curiosity to understand who you are, what you think and how you experience the world. The focus of the conversation is you and your thinking, actions and learning.

The conversation is used to support and challenge you to perform at your best level.

From a position of trust, we hold up a mirror so you can observe and reflect on self-limiting behaviours and apply your strengths to provide the catalyst for change.

People rarely change because we know it would be good for us; we need a catalyst to energise the change process.

Coaching results in personal or organisational achievement, increased productivity, improved communications, decreased stress and reengaged staff even in demanding times. It is not surprising that the use of executive and professional coaches has increased as it provides an excellent return on investment.

Learning Partnerships has a team of qualified and experienced executive and professional coaches who can come to you or you can come to our offices. Our purpose is to focus on you and your journey, so give us a call today to find out more about what coaching can do for you.