In business, when it comes to relationships, we are greatly influenced — whether we like it or not by our environment and the people we surround ourself with.

“If you want to accelerate your success, surround yourself with amazing people. Your network equals your net worth” Kerwin Rae

The Business Booster Program provides business owners and managers with a platform to develop and grow their business and their own competencies in a collaborative and social framework.

This program facilitates strategic and practical learning with mentors, peer collaboration, deep relationship development and rapid development and improvement of your business using real examples from your business.

Annual Business Membership $650.00 for two representatives includes the following. Outside of the structured program will be special events and collaborative get togethers.

Sign up for a Yearly Membership or a 1 off workshop taste tester for $55



Quarterly business coaching and health checks.
Monthly after hours development workshops on a range of dynamic topics defined to challenge and grow you as a person and your business. Subs are allowed so if you can not make a session or one of your team would benefit more you can sub in on a month by month basis.
Closed Members Business Facebook Group providing business collaboration, discussion and a resource library of templates, places, procedures and frequently.
Discount card for wellness and staff development partners.

Whats On (Townsville)

The following sessions have currently been scheduled. Times are 5-7 for an interactive training and coaching workshop and collaboration with members. Membership includes two people for attendance and you can sub within your team month by month.

These are expected schedules but the group will also drive content and workshops so we will be dynamic to needs.

Thur 31th Aug 17 5-7pm Perfecting your purpose, elevator pitch and brand
Thur 28th Sep 17 5-7pm Mindfulness and positive stress reframing
Thur 26th Oct 17 5-7pm Emotional intelligence and employee engagement
Thur 30th Nov 17 5-7pm Customer profiling and creating Raving Fans
Thur 14th Dec 17 5-7pm Implementing an innovation and continuous improvement program.
Fri 15th Dec 17 7-10pm Christmas Event
Thur 25th Jan 18 5-7pm Extreme implementation Planning and time management for 2018
Thur 29th Mar 18 5-7pm Improving efficiency and reducing key person risks through systemisation.
Thur 26th Apr 18 5-7pm  Culture killers and Cultivating Talent
Thur 31st May 18 5-7pm  Planning for a profitable exit
Thur 28th Jun 18 5-7pm  Protecting and cultivating your business and reputation online
Fri 29th June 18 7-10pm EOFY Event and Awards
Thur 26th July 18 5-7pm  Implementing an integrated digital marketing plan
30th Aug 18 5-7pm  Thinking outside of the box – Growing business and revenue through Joint Ventures and Partnerships.
27th Sept 18 5-7pm  Benefits of a family and advisory board in growing your business
25th Oct 18 5-7pm  Agile Business Development and Modelling

Bonus Facebook Live Events

  • Owning your story and its impact on your success
  • Mindfulness and  positive stress reframing
  • Engaging and building a community
  • Fish Philosophy and bringing joy to work
  • Living your values at work
  • Healthy body healthy mind – fuel for laser focus and energy