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5 steps to attract and engage talent

 If you could remove your current team and choose again – would you ? Employee engagement is one of the biggest challenges facing a business. The statistics do not lie and the scorecard for the costs associated with motivated and engaged talent speaks for itself.   A strategy of identifying and developing and retaining talent is critical. Understanding the difference…

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7 very cool government grants and incentives I can use to grow my business

I always consider business to be a big game of Tetris and nothing more so that slotting in innovation, creativity and growth with the delicate balance of the finite resources of money, time and people. Any assistance in this game is appreciated and the Queensland Government provides some very cool grants to support business.  We have have collated a few.…

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Living with a Growth Mindset

Have you noticed that some people rebound and thrive following failure or challenges where others seem devastated by even the smallest setbacks? Whether you think you can or you think you can’t – you are right. Henry Ford The concept of Growth Mindset was coined in 2006 by Prof Carol Dweck. Her book  Mindset – The New Psychology for Success highlighted the…