Collaborate – Innovate – Educate

Learning Partnerships is a Talent Development Business and Registered Training Organisation (RTO). We provide training, qualifications, recruitment, coaching and consulting to help individuals and businesses thrive.

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Our Story


Our philosophy is that Collaboration, Innovation and Education are the pillers to success. That, those that work hard, never stop learning and look to the future with a growth mindset and consider the ability to innovate, change and adapt as critical.

We have qualifications at all levels from a Certificate II in Work skills and Vocational Pathways right through to a Diploma in Governance. You can start while you are at school, with no qualifications or while you work from home, 1000’s of kilometres from anywhere.

Everyone’s journey is different. We understand this and can help you pick the right pathways to thrive within the fields you are passionate about

It doesn’t matter where you are, its where you end up that counts. Run your own Race and then, when you’re done, keep going to really stretch yourself. This is where the real growth happens